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You may have a condition or problem which your own dentist feels unable to provide for you (for many reasons). They may then wish to refer you to this practice for either an opinion (advice) or the treatment. This is normally done by your practice sending all of your details to us. Upon receipt we will contact you to offer you an initial consultation with the dentist or specialist to whom you have been referred or the most appropriate person should this not have been stipulated on the referral letter. No treatment is normally carried out at this first appointment with the objective being for the dentist or specialist to examine you and discuss your condition and how this may be managed. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions you may have so that a joint decision is taken between you and the clinician. You would then attend for further appointments to have the work carried out.

If you have a problem which you feel necessitates a referral to one of the specialists then this is normally via one of our general dental practitioners (for in house patients) or by your own dentist if you are registered at another practice. This is to ensure that your care is holistic and comprehensive.