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The Dental Practice offers a comprehensive referral service in the following areas:

Endodontics (Orthograde including retreatments and surgical)
Implant Dentistry
Minor Oral Surgery
Oral Medicine
Restorative Dentistry

Please refer to the staff page to select a specific clinician otherwise your referral will be passed to the most appropriate specialist or dentist. Please either write a referral letter with as much background information as you have (and enclosing any radiographs if applicable) or email these details and we shall contact your patient directly upon receipt.

Please be reassured that the patient is YOUR patient and only the specific work which you have asked will be done. If, for any reason, additional work is required or a more appropriate treatment is envisaged then you will be contacted by our clinician to discuss this with you. You may give your permission for us to proceed otherwise you may ask for the patient to be sent back to you so that you can provide their care.