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New Patients

We welcome enquiries from potential new patients and we would endeavour to see you swiftly to assess your needs and requirements. You do not have to live in the area to register as a patient and we do not need your previous dental records. Simply contact us to arrange an appointment. You can see the biographies of all the dentists on the “About us” which may help guide you as the most appropriate dentist to see. Referral to one of the specialists is normally via one of the general dental practitioners or a dentist at another practice for external referrals. This is to ensure that your care is holistic and comprehensive.

Your first visit

On your first visit to the practice we would ask that you arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time to complete a medical history questionnaire. Please be assured that all information that you provide is strictly confidential and for practice use only. Unless you have a problem which requires immediate attention, no treatment is normally provided at this initial appointment.

The dentist will carry out an initial examination that will take approximately 30 minutes. This will be to assess your oral health, checking all teeth and the integrity of all existing work and oral soft tissues for signs of disease (such as the tongue, soft palate, the inside of your cheeks). Your bite will also be assessed and in the case of children, how their teeth are growing and developing. Your dentist may take radiographs (X-rays) if these are indicated during this examination to confirm that your teeth and other structures are sound from this other perspective.

Getting the right advice and treatment

At the end of this initial appointment the dentist will explain their findings to you and give you an indication of any treatment which you would benefit from to restore your mouth to its healthiest possible condition. Thereafter this treatment plan will be agreed with you and at this point you will receive a printed estimate of the proposed work. It is then your decision as to the timescale that you would prefer to have the treatment carried out. If you need more clarification on treatment please ask your dentist.