Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening natural teeth using hydrogen peroxide can result in a ‘pick me up’ to your smile. Whitening can make the teeth brighter, whiter and more attractive while still appearing natural. The effects vary from person to person but teeth normally lighten by several shades. The treatment has few side effects and avoids risks to the health of your teeth that other cosmetic procedures carry.

Tooth whitening is not suitable for everyone and as it is a cosmetic treatment the law states must be carried out under the supervision of a dentist or another regulated dental professional. There are many reasons why teeth are discoloured. Bleaching will only work if the discolouration is caused by stains that the bleach can chemically react with. It will not whiten any crowns, fillings or dentures that you may have. It also cannot be performed on teeth until you are 18 and your teeth are fully mature.

All the front teeth can be bleached or a single discoloured tooth. After an examination your dentist will recommend the most suitable method for you based on your oral condition and the cause of tooth discolouration.

Here are some examples of cases done in the practice: